Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Gets Big Surprise After Falling in Chasm

The player, RoyalGuardLink, was paragliding over a snowy area in Hyrule when they accidentally fell into a chasm. The name of the chasm is Naydra Snowfield Chasm. As Link dropped into the hole, the name of the chasm appeared on the screen: Naydra Snowfield Chasm. Suddenly, Naydra herself rises up from the darkness, and Link lands right on her nose. The gigantic dragon barely blinks as it continues its journey out of the Depths.

This is a surprising moment, as Naydra is one of the three dragons that players could find flying around Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. In Tears of the Kingdom, the dragons make a return, but now players have an easier time mounting them thanks to the various flying contraptions created from Zonai devices in the game.

The player’s reaction to the surprise was priceless. They were clearly shocked and didn’t know what to do. They just sat there for a few seconds, stunned. Eventually, they managed to get up and continue on their way.

The video of the surprise has gone viral, and it has been viewed millions of times. It is a reminder of the unexpected things that can happen in Zelda games. It is also a testament to the creativity of the developers, who are always finding new ways to surprise and delight players.

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